Linear Drains – A Practical Solution for Senior Living and Healthcare Facilities

With the number of senior living and healthcare facilities being constructed and upgraded on the rise, it’s important that the bathrooms in these facilities be functional and efficient for residents, patients and caregiving staff. Facility directors must update their existing buildings to meet the demands of the families who turn to these centers to help care for their family members. Increasingly, architects, interior designers and specification teams are incorporating linear drains into showers within these locations.

Because they sit flush with the shower floor, linear drains make it easy to create curbless, barrier-free showers. The low profile of the showers allows residents and patients with mobility challenges to safely enter and exit the shower area without the need to navigate uneven surfaces or ledges, which helps to restore independence. The rest of the bathroom floor remains dry, reducing the chance for slipping and the risk of falls – an important safety consideration.

Crafted of architectural-grade stainless steel, linear drains – such as those from LUXE Linear Drains – are ADA-compliant and can be installed independent of any waterproofing method, simplifying the installation process while ensuring universal compatibility. They can also be installed quickly, in just a fraction of the time it takes contractors to perfectly pitch the mortar in four directions toward the round center drain in the middle of the typical shower floor. In the case of LUXE Linear Drains, the subfloor only needs to be pitched ¼” in just a single gentle slope toward the drain, which can be installed anywhere desired within the shower (or bathing) area.

Offered in a range of styles, finishes and standard sizes, LUXE linear drains are also available in custom sizes and configurations along with modular-v channel options. In contrast to standard linear drains, in which the outlet is centered on the drain, modular v-channel drains feature a variable outlet position. This features adds significant design flexibility, which is especially advantageous in senior living and healthcare settings.

Moreover, modular v-channel drains can be sized onsite (site adjustable) and then cut to the desired length – creating versatility. Two or more kits can be joined together for longer drain runs. Modular drain kits are a convenient off-the-shelf, customizable option when time-frames are tight, and it isn’t possible to wait for a custom order.

LUXE linear drains provide an attractive, functional and cost-effective solution for architects, interior designers and specification teams involved in projects within senior living and healthcare settings. Learn more here.