Linear Drains – Perfect for the Pool Perimeter

A wedgewire linear drain on a pool perimeter.

In the past we have discussed many of the places in which our linear drains and tile insert can be installed as an effective drainage solution for various applications on the exterior of your home. With the start of spring only one week away, you may already be in the process of preparing your home’s amenities, like the pool, for use in the summer. Don’t forget that a pool area needs proper drainage, too, and LUXE Linear Drains are a perfect solution for a pool’s perimeter.

Standing water can accumulate quickly around the pool, creating slick spots that can be potentially hazardous. Safety around the pool should be a top priority, and a linear drainage system can help keep the water off of the pool deck, which will in turn significantly reduce the risk of an accidental fall and injury from occurring.

Contact LUXE Linear Drains today at 877-398-8110 to learn more about how our linear drains can be a useful addition to your pool area. You may also visit our website for information on all of our products.

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