Linear Shower Drains – The Answer for a Sleek, Accessible Shower

Updating your bathroom? If you’re looking to create a stylish, safe, and functional atmosphere, you’ll want to consider how a linear shower drain can be helpful in your new space.

Maybe you’d like to be able to enter your shower without stepping over a threshold, or maybe there’s an elderly member of your family who simply can’t make a step up. Or perhaps you’re just trying to create an elegant, sleek, and simple look.  A linear shower drain is the answer! Linear shower drains are integrated into your shower’s floor, usually at the door of the shower where it acts like a trench, keeping water from seeping out and into the rest of your bathroom so you don’t slip and fall. Because they are integrated into the floor, you’ll never have to worry about how the drain will affect your bathroom’s overall appearance. And of course, they allow for people of all ability levels to use the space – even those who require the use of a wheelchair.

LUXE Linear Drains has the linear shower drains you need to create a sleek and accessible shower safe for all to use. Visit our website to learn more about all of our products, or give us a call at 877-398-8110.
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