The Advantages of Linear Drains

LUXE linear drains are the perfect way to promote health and sanitation in your shower or wet room. These drains are designed to provide more surface area to deliver a better mode of removing water from your surfaces.
Standard circular drains often become overwhelmed with the flow of water and result in standing water. By implementing a linear drain the flow is less likely to become a problem because of the additional space it inherently provides. The short story is that if you do not have standing water, even briefly, you decrease your exposure to the bacteria that may be in the used water.
Many people also find an underlying appeal of the linear drain with its straight lines to match the room it is placed in. There is also an option to use a tile insert to better blend the drain with the surrounding area, something that is not possible with a circular drain.

The sleek design is aesthetically pleasing and provides owners with a higher level of sanitation, and in preventing the issue of standing water it also limits the possibility of damage.

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photo courtesy of Houzz

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