Your Linear Shower Drain’s Design does Make a Difference

LUXE linear shower drainSo you’ve finally decided to take on that bathroom renovation you’ve been dreaming of since you first purchased your home; now what?  There are so many things to consider that will decide whether this renovation will be a simple upgrade to more modern appliances, or if it will be transformed into a spa; a personal haven you can retreat to whenever you feel the need to relieve stress.

One of the most exciting features of a bathroom transformation is the new shower or bath tub.  But homes often come with plumbing already installed, which can pose restrictions of the type of wash basin used due to drain locations.  But with the use of linear shower drains, homeowners do not have to remain limited in their shower design.

Because it is a major function of these drainage systems to blend in to their surroundings, your new bathroom design can maintain a sense of unity, seamlessly flowing from one feature to the next.  And because the drain strainer can be removed, regular cleaning is easy.

To add the beauty and practicality of a linear shower drain to your bathroom contact LUXE at 877-398-8110.

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