Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine Profiles LUXE Linear Drains

LUXE Linear Drains BathroomLUXE Linear Drains was profiled last month by Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine, and readers discovered what makes our products so unique.

Although drains are a necessary part of any home or design, that does not mean you cannot add style or substance to your rooms. Our linear drains enhance rooms of all types as we work with architects, designers, and craftsmen to create the best product possible.

Linear drains offer many benefits not available with traditional point drain systems. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, but they are safer and offer more freedom with home design.

The quality of LUXE linear drains is second to none. While competitors use thinner stainless steel punched patterns for their products, we offer Wedgewire-engineered grates that provide almost twice the weight per foot. This is important when you are looking for a linear drain that not only looks great but provides function and subtlety.

Do you have a drainage need for a kitchen, bathroom, or even landscape design? We are sure to have a drain that meets and exceeds your needs and expectations. Contact LUXE Linear Drains today for more information.

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