Call LUXE for Your Upcoming Project Needs

Winter is almost over and everyone is gearing up for those spring remodeling and construction projects. And nothing changes the look and feel of a home more than an updated kitchen or bath.

LUXE Linear Drains by Platinum Stainless Steel has all the latest in designs for kitchen drains, bath sinks and showers, outdoor kitchens, wet bars, and outdoor drainage systems.

Architects, interior designers, contractors and plumbers all include LUXE Linear Drains in their construction projects because of their contemporary style and seamless elements.

Whether you are looking to increase your counter space in a compact kitchen by installing a kitchen bench drain or knife holder to installing a wet room shower, LUXE Linear Drains is here to answer all your questions and concerns.

Don’t forget, LUXE Linear Drains can also be used around the exterior of your home. Directing water away from the foundation decreases potentially damaging conditions. While moving gutter run-off from overhangs and corners reduces the risk associated with pooling puddles.

Please call 877-398-8110 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced consultants and let’s get started planning your remodeling or new home project today.

Photo: Wedgewire Landscape Edge Drain




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