Create a Stylish Area to Wash Your Dog at Home with a Linear Drain

Create a Stylish Area to Wash Your Dog at Home with a Linear Drain

Linear drains can make bath time with your dog much easier. Source: morgueFile

It starts with a whiff of unpleasant odor coming off your beloved pooch. You know the one. Next you contemplate the hassle of getting Fido into the bathtub, the inevitable splashing and shaking, and then the resulting flood-like conditions in your bathroom that little drains simply can’t handle, getting clogged with the hair from your pup.

Inevitably, after such a scenario, many of us begin to wonder how long we can hold off before the smell becomes to repugnant to handle, avoiding the chances of going through the exercise of washing that active dog. And while we cannot make some canines like bath time any more, we can make the clean up a little less difficult.

At LUXE Linear Drains we provide family’s with the linear drain design which not only provides you with a better drain capacity, but limits your overall mess and clean up for this undertaking.

Linear drains are highly functional, beautifully stylish and the larger surface area gives you the ability to bathe your dog worry free. Don’t take our word for it, visit our showroom, or speak with one of our professionals to find out how we can make you life easier. We can help you create an indoor or outdoor wash area that will have your furry companion clean in no time.

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