Design a Luxury Shower Enclosure

A luxury shower can fit into most standard bathrooms and a bathtub can be converted into a shower during a renovation. The walk-in or curbless shower is gaining popularity in bathroom design since it makes the shower accessible to people of all ages and mobility levels.

A luxurious shower enclosure with or without a curb should have more than one spigot.  Each spigot is placed at a different level and on a different wall – an overhead spigot can provide steam or rain, whereas  dual shower heads are nice in a master bathroom allowing two people to shower at once.

Modern bathroom design includes a linear drain that parallels a wall or shower door. The linear drain provides better run-off for water which is very important with a curbless shower. Luxe Linear Drains provides a variety of grates for any shower size.

A luxury shower should have a nook for soap, shampoo and other bath products.  A shower bench is a nice addition, especially if the shower is used by a person with limited mobility.

The tile or stone, door and fixtures used for a luxury shower is limited only by your taste.  The selection is endless in colors, textures and design.


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