Dress Your Outdoor Kitchen to Impress

It’s your turn to host your family reunion this fall and you want to make a few updates to your outdoor kitchen before a slew of guests arrive for food and fun. When you were at your next-door neighbor’s for a 4th of July soiree, you noticed a few things you’d like to incorporate into your space – namely a stainless steel knife slot and a bench drain next to the sink. These items were not only sleek and beautiful, but it seemed that they allowed your neighbor to have essential utensils close at hand, as well as make the clean up process a bit easier, allowing them to spend more time with their guests and less time running in and out of the house to get supplies.

That’s the beauty of LUXE Linear Drains’ stainless steel knife slot and kitchen bench drain. Our knife slots are placed into the counter surface, be it stainless steel, marble, or granite. They keep the knives you need within arm’s reach, and most importantly, provide a safe place for storage.

Our kitchen bench drain is the perfect complement to any kitchen area where drinks of any kind will be served. After washing, simply place the glasses on the kitchen bench drain, where they can air-dry without developing water spots.

Contact LUXE Linear Drains today to 877-398-8110 to learn more about our knife slots or kitchen bench drains. Our products are easy to install and your space will be ready to show off to guests before you know it!

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