Healthcare Design and the Linear Shower Drain

With so much focus on upgrading existing healthcare facilities using “evidence-based design” and new projects being built on a consistent basis, healthcare interior designers and specification teams have already seen the value of linear drain showers as part of a total “wellness” program that improves the safety of all patients and also helps restore the independence for many of its patients that can now shower without needing the help of a nurse or loved one. Barrier-free showers can be designed with the linear drain installed right at the threshold or anywhere else in the shower floor design to be in compliance with all ADA requirements.



In stylish decorative wedgewire, patterned grate, linear tile tray inserts and 5” x 5” decorative wedgewire and square tile insert drains produced in architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel have helped revolutionize healthcare design and building by opening the door to creating easy to access, ADA-compliant showers with style. The most critical factor is the ability to design curbless, barrier-free entry showers for patients that provide improved ease of access, safety, hygiene and peace of mind. Eliminating the need to step over a traditional, slippery, 6-inch curb is an important upgrade for all healthcare environments. And taking it a step further, designers can use any style or size of linear drain to create curbless, zero-threshold shower entries that are flush with both the bathroom floor and the shower floor for ADA-compliant drains can be easily rolled over.
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