Linear Drains and Modern Style: The Perfect Fit

Many modern showers are curbless or have no threshold to step over, making it easily accessible for a person using a wheelchair. This is part of the Universal Design concept is making rooms accessible to people of all ages and mobility levels.

A curb on a shower keeps water inside the enclosure. Linear drains for accessible showers keep the water from flowing out of the enclosure without a curb.

Linear drains are long, narrow units that usually run parallel to a wall allowing drainage from more than one section of the shower floor. The stainless steel linear drain can be inserted into the tile work. The drain can be set against the wall or off-set from the wall.

A linear drain with an attractive grate can be placed anywhere there is a slope in the shower to assure that water drains well. Another long drain can be placed at a different low area in the bathroom.  A small bathroom with a zero-threshold shower can have the drain more in the center of the floor to catch water.

Linear drains work anywhere there is water run-off. Luxe Linear Drains will find the right drain for your bathrooms.

image via Houzz

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