Studies Show Seniors Prefer to Age in Place & Modify Their Homes Over Moving

Thanks to medical advances and insights into healthier living, Americans are living longer than ever.

According to recent reports by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), it’s no surprise that about 90% of all seniors wish to stay in their own homes as they age (Senior Housing News).  Seniors who are generally healthy would like to avoid assisted living facilities and remain independent.

Many communities have modified housing accommodations specific to aging seniors.  Bathroom upgrades are the most important as this is where most home accidents occur.  Grab bars, higher toilets and vanities, and walk in showers have improved bathroom safety for seniors and younger adults, as well.  Linear shower drains for accessible showers can significantly reduce slips and falls in walk in showers.  This drain style is built along the center of the shower with little tilt avoiding slippery shower surfaces. It is as beautiful as it is practical.

Bathing safety is essential for seniors as well as all age groups.   Linear drains for accessible showers are a safety must in senior homes.   For more information, visit the LUXE Linear Drains website for information on linear shower drain styles and specs.

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