Unclogging a Drain Made Easy

Unfortunately for everybody, clogged drains are one of life’s little inconveniences that simply can’t be avoided. Whether you choose a linear drain or a traditional drain, clogs are bound to happen eventually, especially in heavily used areas. While some clogs may require professional help, there are a few varieties you can easily take care of on your own.

Soap Scum and Hair

Soap scum and hair clogs are common in bathroom drains. To get rid of these clogs, your best bet is a standard sodium hydroxide based product like one you would find on store shelves. Following that with a 3:1 mixture of distilled vinegar and hot water may help as well.

Grease and Food

For grease and food clogs in the kitchen, sulfuric acid based products can work, but they may only open up the drain by literally burning a small hole in the clog. Using a sulfuric acid product and commercial snake in combination may be more beneficial.

Stuck Objects

Foreign objects like too much paper are hard to clear from drains. Typically, using a snake is the best method to push the item through the drain. Sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid products don’t usually work well.  

Photo Source: ACO Polymer Products, QuARTz by ACO

What have you found to work best when unclogging the drains in your home?

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