Unclogging a Drain Made Easy

Unfortunately for everybody, clogged drains are one of life’s little inconveniences that simply can’t be avoided. Whether you choose a linear drain or a traditional drain, clogs are bound to happen eventually, especially in heavily used areas. While some clogs may require professional help, there are a few varieties you can easily take care of on your … [Read more...]

4 Drain Options for a Chic Bathroom Remodel

When starting a bathroom remodel, you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality. There are numerous ways to customize your bathroom drain to fit into your design scheme. Here are some options to consider: Wedgewire. Among the sturdiest drain styles, linear wedgewire offers endless customization options. The material used is of architectural grade … [Read more...]

Benefits of Stainless Steel Drains

Every plumbing specialist will tell you that stainless steel plumbing products have many more benefits in comparison to normal steel or PVC products. Hereafter, you will find various benefits and great advantages that you will gain when using stainless steel drains:   1. A stainless steel drain can be left in clear view, because it blends in with most … [Read more...]