Which Kind of Linear Shower Drain Should I Choose?

Linear shower drains offer homeowners a number of benefits, and often the hardest decision is not deciding to install a linear shower drain, but which kind of linear shower drain will be best for the space. Since linear shower drains function the same, it really boils down to the look you want to achieve in your space. A post on Contractor Talk offers some … [Read more...]

Tips for Keeping Your Linear Drains Clean

Now that you’ve had your linear shower drains from LUXE Linear Drains for a while, you may be wondering how to keep them clean and looking as great as the day you had them installed. Keeping your linear drains clean and cleaning them on a regular basis will ensure that they are allowing water to drain through as it should, so today we’re going to share a few … [Read more...]

No-Threshold Showers are a Popular Request Among Homeowners Who Age in Place

With more and more homeowners choosing to “age in place,” there is a realization that some modifications must be made to the home in order for a resident to remain there for as long as possible. As we age, our bodies become less flexible and moving about the house becomes more difficult. This is especially true of the bathroom. AginginPlace.com is a website … [Read more...]