Certified Floor Coverings & Remodels Modern Bath Design Features LUXE Linear Drains

  In the throes of a delicate seamless addition home improvement project, Sonia Shuh began to slowly lose faith in the current group of contractors she had hired for the job. This can easily make the homeowner feel trapped between riding it out or starting all over again from scratch. In this case Shuh had been hoping for the best but fearing the … [Read more...]

LUXE Linear Drains for Modern, Stylish + ADA-Compliant Hospitality Showers

Hospitality Design: LUXE Linear Drains has launched a complete collection of architectural grade, 100% percent stainless steel decorative, tile insert and pattern grid design linear drains for modern, stylish custom showers and the current new-age traveler that very rarely pops in the tub for a long pruning before that all-important meeting. In addition to … [Read more...]

Choosing Your Shower

LUXE Linear contemporary bathroom

If you’re designing a bathroom for your new house or doing a remodel of an existing space, one of the key elements of your finished product will be your shower. Since it is something you’ll be using almost daily, you’ll want it to be not only effortless functional, but also an inviting space that you’ll actually want to spend a little time in. With that … [Read more...]