Choosing Your Shower

LUXE Linear contemporary bathroom

If you’re designing a bathroom for your new house or doing a remodel of an existing space, one of the key elements of your finished product will be your shower. Since it is something you’ll be using almost daily, you’ll want it to be not only effortless functional, but also an inviting space that you’ll actually want to spend a little time in. With that … [Read more...]

Your Home Away From Home


You’ve just come from the airport, or maybe a long drive---you check in at the registration desk, get your card key and amble up to your room with your luggage. As you enter your room, tossing your belongings on the bed, you race over to the window to check your view. Not bad. Nothing as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon, but not bad. What’s the next thing … [Read more...]

Life is Easier When You Go Linear


Linear drains, or “channel drains”, as they are sometimes called, are quickly becoming the drains of choice for homeowners and bathroom remodelers and installers. Not only are they more aesthetically attractive than the traditional point or center drains, but they are easier to install and integrate into a total bathroom design. So what makes a linear … [Read more...]