Linear Drains are a Perfect Match for Curbless Showers

We recently came across a very nice article on the design website Houzz in which writer Paul Anater shares a wealth of knowledge about why homeowners should consider a curbless shower when planning to remodel their bathrooms. Anater points out that most showers have a step that users must cross over that’s several inches high – an obstacle that can make bathing difficult for those with mobility issues. Plus, such curbs don’t lend themselves very well for a streamlined bathroom that so many homeowners are opting for these days.

Anater shared that while not every bathroom can accommodate a curbless shower, it is one of the first renovation options he explores in remodeling projects. He shared “A curbless shower is a subtle touch that creates a seamless look and broadcasts the amount of through that went into a bath design.”

Of course, proper drainage is extremely important in a bathroom with a curbless shower, and LUXE Linear Drains has the products that make such a shower possible. Our drains are constructed of 100% stainless steel and can easily withstand the weight of a wheelchair, plus they are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines.

A curbless and completely accessible shower made possible with products from LUXE Linear Drains!

Visit the LUXE Linear Drains website today to learn more about our products, and be sure to check out our previous posts that further discuss how our drains are perfect for a curbless shower!

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