Linear Shower Drains: Suitable for Senior Living

As Americans age, more and more seniors are updating their homes in an effort to stay independent as long as possible. And many of their architects and contractors are selecting LUXE Linear wedge wire grate drains.

Wet-room showers are becoming very popular and LUXE Linear Drains help make a bathtub-to-shower conversion easy and affordable. Having a barrier-free, curbless wet-room shower reduces the chances of falling since there is no threshold to trip over.

These wedge wire drains are installed when a no-threshold shower is also required due to a disability. Constructed from 100% stainless steel, they can easily withstand the weight of a wheelchair, making them ADA compliant. The American with Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines require that no spaces greater than ½ inch (13mm) wide in each direction be in gratings or drains and the LUXE Linear wedge wire drains fit all these requirements.

LUXE Linear wedge wire drains work well whether you are building a new single family residence or remodeling an existing bathroom. And since they are ADA compliant, project managers are choosing them for installation in hotels and assisted living residences.

Please call LUXE Linear Drains today at 404-395-0070 and let’s discuss your new construction or remodeling needs.

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