Stylish Design: LUXE Linear Drains

Drains are an often overlooked and undervalued essential feature to any building. A poorly designed drain will cause a number of problems for the user and worse, can lead to property damage and health complications.

At LUXE Linear Drains we provide high quality design options that will not only surpass your drain needs, but produce a stylish finish that is unmatched elsewhere.

The design of the linear drain is such that it promotes a higher volume drain capacity, limiting the issues involved with standing water as a result of a slow or poorly designed drain. The drain characteristics enable a larger space to be utilized without inhibiting the usable space making it very versatile and incredibly functional.

The features of our drains make them easy to install and clean. If that isn’t enough, another immensely desirable element is the décor complimenting capability with tile inserts to disguise its presence.

Whether you are planning a new build or remodel, our professionals can assist you with finding the right match for your needs. Our custom designs have been well received in numerous industries from residential to health care and hospitality.Let us know what we can do for you today!

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