Think LUXE Linear Drains Products for the Garage & Mudroom

In addition to being a great drainage solution for bathrooms and showers, LUXE Linear Drains products are appropriate for installation in a number of other areas around the home.

Think about the entry points of your home, such as the mudroom or garage. Now, think about how fall and winter bring about more rain, snow, and dirt – all of which can make for a slippery mess, especially when left standing for a while. When placed in a mudroom or garage, our drains can help keep the floors dry, clean, and safer to walk upon, similarly to how they do for the restaurant kitchen in which our wedgewire drains were installed.

Our Square Tile Insert Point Drain would work well in a mudroom floor.

Our linear drains help keep the garage floor clean and dry.

LUXE Linear Drains can be installed practically anywhere – the only limitation is your imagination. If you have questions about installing any of our drains in your mudroom or garage, please give us a call at 877-398-8110 for more information.

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