Wedgewire Flooring Adds Low-Maintenance Beauty to Your Business

Wedgewire can be used for a multitude of applications in both industrial and residential settings. Wedgewire is a safe and stylish choice for staircases, but it is also renowned for its use as appealing, low-maintenance flooring.

Wedgewire flooring is a high-performance option for covering large areas. This flooring is created from round wire that is looped and pressed into deep wedge-shaped sections. The unique design of this flooring makes for a smooth surface with uniformly spaced slots and unrivaled industrial strength.

For all home drainage purposes, wedgewire stands alone in its resistance to clogging. The ability to choose area size, or size of drainage slots, allows this technique to cater to the needs and desires of each specific user. Different profile shapes provide different advantages, such as the commonly seen Flat Top Profiles, or the Riffled Profiles that provide a strong, non-slip surface for commercial and residential walkways, alike.

Wedgewire also provides clean, glare-free aesthetic appeal. At Luxe, we pride ourselves in providing products that are as strong as they are stylistically attractive, and our wedgewire flooring options are no different.

To learn more about our wedgewire flooring or any of our other modern design luxury drains, contact Luxe Linear Drains today.

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