Maxmize Counterspace with a Sleek Knife Slot

Maxmize Counterspace with a Sleek Knife Slot

Source: LUXE Linear Drains

How you use your counter space is important to how efficient your kitchen space is. Too little counter space will end up cluttered, making it difficult to cook, serve and host. One way to address the functionality of your countertops is to invest in small renovations that will improve its efficiency, such as by installing a sleek new knife slot.

The Luxe knife slot is an excellent feature to have installed in your kitchen’s counter surface. Making your knives easily accessible cuts down on the time that you will spend searching through your silverware drawers when you need them. Not to mention that it is comes in a sleek, stainless steel design that easily compliments any countertop, whether it’s made out of marble, concrete, granite, quartz or any other material.

Because the knife slot is stainless steel, it’s easy to maintain and clean as well. Additionally, Luxe makes its knife slot using a stainless steel that comes from a renewable source, making this feature an environmentally friendly one.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your kitchen, consider installing a knife slot. Be sure to contact us online today at Luxe Linear Drains for all of your kitchen renovation needs.

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