Linear Drains Improve the Function of Your Shower

It can be an annoyance when faced with puddling within the shower. When using linear shower drains though, you can avoid this as the water just runs away. Improving the functionality of your shower, pooling will become a thing of the past when using these drains, thus preventing any potential accidents as well. You could add accessories to your shower … [Read more...]

Great Ideas for Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower can use various types of outdoor elements or be modernized.¬†Outdoor showers are also a great solution to home drainage such as linear shower drains. They can enhance the look of the home or create an artistic appearance. Consider using architecture with the shower. Paint the walls of the shower to match the color of the home and the … [Read more...]

Hide the Drain with Tile Inserts

Contemporary Spaces by Salt Lake City Tile, Stone & Countertops Tarkus Tile, Inc. When it comes to bathroom design, one overlooked feature is the drain. A linear drain is a great way to promote good health and is also a method to limit complications that can develop by using other standard drain types. The common complaint is how the drain stands out. A … [Read more...]