Linear Countertop Drains are Sleek and Hygenic

A great kitchen design requires both elegance and practicality. Kitchen bench drains not only look the part, they are far more effective of clearing water from your countertop than any other method. The linear drain is especially useful for air drying glasses over time without causing a buildup of water.

LUXE Linear Drains, LLC

Our linear countertop drains will add visual interest to your sink through a unique and highly attractive look. Through its improved draining capabilities, your countertop remains free from water and substances that may damage material over time. Available in a range of standard sizes and custom designs, we can create the drain to fit your needs. The installation methods and materials used in our drains are highly eco-friendly, so you can feel proud to be doing your part for the environment.

For more residential drain products and applications, browse our range of offerings online at Luxe Linear. Like the linear countertop drains, all our products are made from 100% stainless steel for aesthetics and durability.

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