Improve Drainage around Your Pool

Improving drainage around your pool is essential if you want your pool to stay clean. If your poolside area has inadequate drainage, rainwater will flow into your pool, taking with it any leaves, dirt or litter that may be lying on the surrounding area of ground. To avoid having to clear debris out of your pool every time it rains, you should look into … [Read more...]

Residential Applications of LUXE Linear Drains

Are you remodeling your existing bathroom or adding a new one to the house? If any of these are the case you might want to consider incorporating a LUXE Linear Drain into your design scheme. A LUXE Linear drain is both practical and beautiful. Many looks and finishes of LUXE linear drains are available for your particular taste.  A LUXE Linear drain … [Read more...]

LUXE Linear Drains on Website of Luxe Magazine

If you plan on renovating or enlarging an existing bathroom, installing an extra one, or building a new home -- new fixtures are an important consideration in the design process. One concern is the efficiency and performance of the shower drain, which is often an unsightly square or circular drain in the middle of the shower floor. Linear drains are an … [Read more...]